IT Company

  • Name : BISystem
  • Address : I Sutjeska 25b
  • Registration number : 65869420
  • Tax ID : 112094861


years of experience



Website development includes

  • Design tailored to you

    Creating a structure and design solutions in accordance with your business, aimed at future users of the website.

  • Content optimization

    Complete optimization of graphics and other material on the website (photos, videos, illustrations, documents, etc.).

  • Responsive design

    Mobile-first approach focused primarily on visibility on smart devices with a focus on smartphones.

  • Android Application Development

    Android is the platform used by the largest number of mobile devices in the world, and Android applications provide incredible opportunities for business development.

  • iOS Application Development

    The fact is that the application must be accessible to everyone, and therefore should not be denied to the content and users of Apple mobile devices

  • Agreement

    Start of project implementation in accordance with the agreed solution. Using best practices for the web.